Self-Service Process Mining in the big data era.

EverFlow is a process mining tool that leverages leading edge technologies in big data and machine learning/AI to provide the ability to analyze huge volumes of events in a simple and intuitive manner.

Powerful, yet simple.

There is no need for an army of consultants to uncover the hidden truths of your business. On premise, or on the cloud, EverFlow is efficient on small and big data. There is no event stream too big, or process too complex. If you can dream it, we can analyze it.Large complex event datasets often encompass multiple processes or subprocesses. EverFlow unleashes the power of machine learning to help you identify potential subprocesses and analyze them separately in their own context. We can untie the knot in your data.


EverFlow is a tools like no other, but some aspects really tell it apart from the herd:
if your event count hits the millions or billions, look no further.
no need for expensive consultants or data scientist to put your data to work. EverFlow is simple and intuitive. Hit the road faster with us.
if your process is complex, and possibly contains several subprocesses, EverFlow’s unique ability to partition events into potential subprocesses is key to your success.


Discover processes

Optimize processes

Monitor compliance

Analyse customer journeys

Identify key activities for automation


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Automated Discovery

Automatically discover simple or complex processes based on event logs

Process Animation

Replay your process execution and learn how it evolves over time

Off-the-shelf Performance Analyses

Automatically learn about slow transitions, long activities, loops (rework) and bottlenecks

Identify optimization opportunities / Performance Highlighting

Visually identify slow performing activities, reworks (loops), faulty states. All in a glance.

Process Benchmarking

Compare subsets of your process. Learn how a branch executes compared to another, or whether your process improved after the last deployed automation.

Resource Allocation

Analyze how resources are being allocated and how they are executing their activities.

Separate subprocesses

Automatically partition events into clusters that behave similarly

Explore additional dimensions with Dashboards

Process additional attributes in events and provide BI capabilities to slice your data and process according to these new dimensions


Identify cases that do not comply with the process model.

Artificial Intelligence and Root Cause Analysis

Identify patterns in cases that do not perform or do not comply with models Drilldown to Case or Events. Ability to drilldown to the case and event level. Go from abstract to concrete in a few clicks

Visualize traces

Processes leave their footprints on the digital sands of log files. EverFlow gives you the ability to analyze the traces they formed, from the most frequent to the rarest one.

Deep dive into attributes

Any attribute in the log file can be explored in details to provide a deep understanding of the dimension they bring. From seasonality in timestamps, to frequency in multi-variate fields, we help you dissect every column of your dataset.

Explore every case and event in your dataset

Drill down to case and event level in a simple and effective way.

Operational Support

Generate alerts about deviating process instances in near real time.

Predictive Analytics

Predict how long it will take for a process to be completed in near real time.


Define your own KPIs and diplay them in your dashboards.

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