Process Mining in the Digital Economy: Excellence in Operations to Improve Customer Journeys and Experience

The digital economy is upon us and nothing represents it better than O2O (Online to Offline) solutions. From Uber to AirBnB, from Amazon Prime to Uber Eats, combining a traditional, physical, offering (transportation, housing, retail, food, ..) – the offline – with a digital, frictionless, interface -the online – is the main driver of the revolution.

These new companies need to combine two key success factors: the digital experience and the excellence in operations. There is no point in having the most advanced, good-looking, easy-to-use app, if no car will pick you up in the next hour. In other words, offline operations matter, a lot, as well as the process that unites the offline and online.

Companies need to combine two key success factors: the digital experience and the excellence in operations

No O2O business can afford the luxury of not optimising its offline operations to its extreme. It’s a do or die kind of challenge. And this is where process mining steps in. Companies increasingly need Process Mining for:

  1. Discovering the real process being executed in the field
  2. Pinpointing opportunities for optimisation, such as:
    • Slow activities
    • Rework
    • Bottlenecks
  3. Pinpoint opportunities for automation, based on frequency of execution and its cost/duration
  4. Identify the root causes of failed attempts to serve the customer
  5. Monitor operations execution in real time, to identify problems such as:
    • non-conformant executions of the process
    • process executions that are likely to violate the agreed service level
    • overloaded resources
  6. Manage the customer’s experience both online and offline
    • how does he/she interact with the app or website
    • did we perform to his/her expectation
    • is this customer likely to use our service again?

Process Mining is the secret weapon that O2O companies have not fully realized they can employ. It fits this dual world like no other technology of the sort. It can really help make the operations meet the high expectations of a digital friction-averse new digital customer.

Check out the EverFlow Process Mining Product Overview video and understand a little more about how process optimization and mining works by EverFlow:

See the video: