One of the key applications of Process Mining today is automation and digital transformation.

It doesn’t take much to realize that both automation and digital transformation lie their basis on the present, on the real present. Reality is key. If your automating something, it is because there is already an activity (that is usually part of a process) that is subject to automation. If you are digitally transforming something, it is because this something (a product, a process, an operations) exists in the present. Therefore, both these activities are transformational, and rely on a good understanding of the present reality to achieve its goals.

Understanding reality is often called “as-is” analysis. More often than not, this analysis is based on (expensive) meetings, brainstorming and a lot of guessing. “How do we do this again?”  “How long does it take to get this done?” This process is costly, usually biased and rarely effective.

Process Mining allows for processes to be discovered, or, reverse engineered, if you will. Instead of meetings and guessing, event data is fed to a process mining system, and, as a result, you get a process model (that depicts the real process taking place at the organizationa) altogether with key metrics, such as activity frequency, average execution times, among many others.

Notice how critical this is to actually give a sense of direction to any digital transformation initiative or automation project. They can focus on the most important parts of the project, and it allows you to predict the impact that any change to this process may bring.

Even more important, by subsequently ingesting more event data, even after the automation project (or the digital transformation project), you can redo the analysis and measure how effective it was.

Process Mining is, as pointed by Forrester, the compass of the digital transformation. It is a sort of insurance that a transformational project will deliver its ROI (Return On Investment).

If you are starting an RPA, orchestration, bot or any digital transform project without using a Process Mining platform such as EverFlow, you are taking unnecessary risks. You are flying a jet without instruments. You may get safely to your destination, or you may not.