Process Mining beyond P2P and O2C

Process mining has not fulfilled its potential worldwide. It has to lose a bit of its European accent and reach out to the digital economy, where service offerings marked by flexibility, quicker response times and operations excellence are priority.

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Process Mining as a Quality Automation drive

Process Mining can help the quality management team, using logs in the execution systems to automatically assess process execution in real time and in its entirety, at a fraction of the cost, in a more assertive way. Process mining can also help calculate performance indicators and present them in the context of its business function.

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Process Mining and IoT in the new Service Economy

There is huge change taking place in society. People are gradually becoming more interested in experiences than assets. Youngsters no longer look forward to having a car or even learning to drive. “I can take an Uber”, they say. In some areas, like real estate, the...

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AI vs Process Mining

It’s about Data Structure and Models A frequent question is: what is the difference between AI and Process Mining. AI seeks to emulate (human) intelligence in machines. It searches for ways to empower computers with cognitive capabilities, so they can perform more...

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BI vs Process Mining: Part 2

WW2 Bombers and Digital Footprints Still on the difference among BI and Process Mining, I recently read this story that helps illustrate it. During World War II, a consultant was hired by the US Army to help determine the best parts of the bomber planes to be armored....

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BI vs Process Mining: Part 1

About Ponies and Unicorns People often ask me: "isn’t Process Mining just like a specialized sort of BI?”. Though a common question, to me, it sounds just as weird as: “isn’t a unicorn just a type of pony?”. Well ponies and unicorns do look alike, just like BI and...

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Process Mining and Blindfolded Coaches

Or how can you manage what you can’t see? It still mesmerizes me how many organizations embark on digital transformation journeys, huge automation or optimization projects without using Process Mining. I keep wondering: how can you manage what you can’t see? I have...

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