Check out the details of the first international Process Mining conference by IEEE

From June 24 to 26, the Process Mining community will meet at the Tivoli Stadium in Aachen, Germany. Vendors, users, analysts and researchers from around the globe will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and debate about the future of Process Mining.

EverFlow is one of the sponsors of this event, where it will showcase its advanced technologies in big data Process Mining as well as its easy-to-use interface for discovery, conformance, performance and dashboarding. With its continuous mission to democratize this new data science field, it aims to unleash its power to customers of all sizes in all industries.

The beautiful Aachen Town Hall

We expect discussions about researches in the field as well as study cases of applying process mining in the real world. Topics will most certainly involve applied artificial intelligence, online analysis, advanced predictive capabilities, and the automation of activities.

Vendors from various geographies will showcase their applications in traditional areas (such as P2P – Procure to Pay – and O2C – Order to Cash) and, also, more sophisticated cases around customer journey management, IoT, operations optimization, and many others.

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