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A Little About Us

Everflow is a startup, co-headquarted in San Francisco/CA (USA) and Campinas/SP (Brazil), that focuses in Process Mining. It was born as a spin-off of Icaro Tech’s EverFlow product and aims to democratize the use of Process Mining.

Everflow mixes advanced Process Mining and Machine Learning techniques with Big Data and a streamlined User eXperience, to build an innovative, easy to use, platform that anyone can use to analyze and improve its own business and technical processes.

We help organizations become more efficient, by identifying opportunities to automate and optimize their operations. With EverFlow, companies can remove friction from their daily operations and have their business operate in a steady flow.

Awards and International Recognition

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Representative Vendor

Named representative vendor in Process Mining by Gartner in the last two Process Mining
Market Guides
Named as Icaro
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Vendor in Process Mining

Listed as vendor with focus in Process Mining in Forrester’s Now Tech Process Mining and Documentation, Q4 2019 Market Guides
Help organizations become more efficient and competitive by optimizing their operations and allowing them to run their business a steady flow.
Deliver a powerful and easy to use process mining platform that helps companies become more self-aware about their processes, remove all friction from their operations and run their business in a very efficient manner, with little to no waste.

Who We Are

Kleber Stroeh



Co-founder and CEO at Everflow, Kleber is a serial entrepreneur, having also co-founded Icaro Tech (where he serves as a board member) and IVP (investment company). He holds a MsC degree in Computer Science with emphasis in Machine Learning and Security, and an MBA with emphasis in Marketing.
Leonardo Omoto



For the last decade, Leonardo has worked as a full stack developer using Web Applications, Analytics and Big Data Frameworks. He currently leads the Analytics and Back-end Technologies team at Everflow. He holds a Computer Science degree and several specialization courses in Machine Learning and Data Mining.
Laerte Chagas Sabino


Head of Board and Chief Strategist

Co-founder and head of the board at Everflow, Laerte is also the the co-founder and CEO at Icaro Tech. He has led the company for over 20 years, implementing successful projects related to Intelligent Operations across the globe. Laerte holds a Computer Engineer degree and MBA in Business Administration.

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