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Become the digital company your customer needs with the only self-service, big data Process Mining solution in the market.


Use Process Mining to optimize your operations, reduce costs, and unveil new revenue streams.

Process Mining is applicable to all industries


  • Improve field service operations by analyzing end-to-end lifecycle of alarms -> tickets -> work orders
  • Manage customer lifecycle by analyzing customer requests, complaints and interactions


  • Auditing and optimizing processes, and improving response time to customers
  • Improve risk analysis processes for efficiency and competitiveness


Optimize the production of high value products, such as automobiles, by carefully analyzing the production line from the perspective of the product

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Everflow mixes advanced Process Mining and Machine Learning techniques with Big Data and a streamlined User eXperience, to build an innovative, easy to use, platform that anyone can use to analyze and improve its own business and technical processes.