Process Mining is applicable to all industries, as long as there is a process - or something that looks like a process - to be analysed, understood, managed or optimized.

Please find below a small compilation of possible applications of Process Mining in different industries.


  • Optimize utilization of operating rooms and other expensive assets by tracking patient journeys inside the hospital
  • Improve treatment protocols by carefully analyzing patient journeys for a given diagnostic


  • Improve field service operations by analyzing end-to-end lifecycle of alarms -> tickets -> work orders
  • Manage customer lifecycle by analyzing customer requests, complaints and interactions


  • Maximize availability and performance of systems and applications by analyzing API calls and APM (Application Performance Management) alarms
  • Identify the best activities to be automated (with RPA, for example) in the context of the overall process, securing the ROI of the automation initiatives


Reduce losses associated with credit defaults, by properly analyzing and monitoring credit management and debt collection processes


  • Auditing and optimizing processes, and improving response time to customers
  • Improve risk analysis processes for efficiency and competitiveness


Optimize the production of high value products, such as automobiles, by carefully analyzing the production line from the perspective of the product


Improve field force operations and increase return on asset by analyzing work orders in asset management systems


Expedite goods and parts with efficiency by properly understanding the flows between centers


Manage customer journeys by analyzing events coming from interactions in different channels (web, app, call center, store, etc)


Analyze journeys of players to improve gaming experience


Correlate activities of users in order to identify attacks or frauds


Improve e-learning platforms and content by evaluating the the interaction between student and the system

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