About Process Mining

Process mining is a bridge. It connects data mining to process management.

But it also connects your business reality to the digital transformation.


In this new world of mobility, IoT and social networks – there is one resource that is never scarce: events. Systems – such asERPs, CRMs, SCMs -, IoT devices, social interactions, and web sites generate events, lots of events. They usually end up residing in log files or log records in databases. According to Gartner, we truly live in the Internet of Events era.

Events are gold mines to companies.

Using process mining, corporations can transform events into knowledge and actionable insights.

How it works

By simply using 3 pieces of information

a timestamp

date and time of occurrence

a case id

such as a ticket id, e.g.

an activity id

something that happened to that case

Process Mining can discover the underlying processes that are involved in those events.


With process mining, you can:

discover processes

automatically calculate KPIs associated with your process

verify compliance with pre-defined processes

analyse the process according to additional event dimensions

define action points to avoid customer churn according to their behaviour pattern

identify bottlenecks, reworks and faulty processes

pinpoint opportunities in customer journeys to upsell and cross-sell

monitor your process based on a pre-discovered historical baseline

track positioning and the lifecycle of an asset

identify the best activities to be automated in a process (with RPA, for example)

Why Should I Care about Process Mining?

According to Gartner, Process Mining is key to unlock digital transformation, AI and automation. Actually if feeds itself from those technologies, at the same time that it is key to identify the best opportunities do apply these technologies to transform your business.

Process mining is not another wave. It is a tsunami. It is so big that the Financial Times predicts it will be a concept as common as the industry 4.0.

Last, but not least, Markets and Markets predicts that the process mining industry wil be worth over 1.4B by 2023.

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